Hello Zanzibar!

An international team of 6 operators is going to Zanzibar Island, Tanzania in November 2019.

The team includes K2BB, NT2X, RT5D, US7UX, UT7UV and UU0JR.

We will use 2 callsigns. 5H3UA will be used for all HF operations, DX activities and for CQ WW CW contest. 5H3EME will be used for daily EME operations and for ARRL EME contest.

We will arrive to the island early morning Saturday November 16, set up low band and EME antennas to be ready for moon rise at 19:00Z despite pretty high moon degradation. 2M EME will last till moonset on Friday November 22. 6M EME will be taken down on Tuesday November 26. All antennas will be taken down on Wednesday November 27 and the team will depart Zanzibar on Thursday November 28.

We will focus on 160-80m bands. We will use verticals for 160-80-40-30m and 5-Band SpiderBeam for upper bands. We also planning to put a beverage for Europe and North America, both coming from the same direction.