Our EME setup

We will have 2 EME stations – on 50 and 144 MHz

50MHz – one 8 element W7GJ yagi with elevation; RX – LNA, Elecraft K3 transceiver; TX – Burst 2000A solid state amplifier with more than a KW output on 50 MHz.

144 MHz – two 10 element RA3AQ cross-yagi with elevation; RX – LNA, Horizontal and Vertical polarization will go separately into dual channel Javornik II 144-28 transverter and then into dual channel Odyssey II SDR transceiver; TX – 1kW solid state amplifier by Paul UU0JR.

Location – eastern coast of Zanzibar island, KI93RV grid. Local time – UTC +3.

Looking East – Moonrise will be amazing 🙂

Scheduled arrival time to the spot is 10 local (07:00 Z) on November 16th. If stars align – we will be ready for moon rise by 22 local (19:00 Z)

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